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What we are looking for:

TruVenture is focused on acquiring solid, well-respected companies with operations in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

  • Plastics, composites, and additive manufacturing (e.g. thermoforming/vacuum forming, thermosets, additive manufacturing)

  • Healthy organizations with solid leadership and room to grow

  • Headquartered or maintains a strong presence in the Upper Midwest

  • Ideal transaction value up to $50,000,000

  • Revenue from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000

TruVenture offers:

Liquidity & Resources

  • Personal liquidity and additional operating resources

  • Flexible transitions that can be gradual or quick

  • Ability to sell while retaining executive leadership, if desired

Legacy Preservation

  • Long-term hold strategy

    • Objective is not to “flip” companies or cut costs to drive value.

    • Pursuit of complementary follow-on investments

  • Culture committed to its employees and the environment

Efficient Transaction

  • Speed to close

    • Internal decision making, no third party approvals required

  • Substantial internal capital resources available

  • Efficient due diligence

    • Experienced acquirer with formalized procedures

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